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Through exploring the psychopathology of Capgras syndrome, in which a patient mistakes a loved one for an imposter, The Echo Maker offers a sustained meditation on the ways in which we project our own problems onto other people. As a reflection on the mysteries of consciousness, the novel offers some interesting if not especially new insights into the fuzzy boundaries between scientific and literary interpretations of the mind. Read more

Changes to The Pequod

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some watchers of this site may have noticed that I have taken advantage of the academic vacation to (metaphorically speaking) scrub the decks and coil the ropes of The Pequod, tidying up some aspects of the website. I last had a major play with the look back in 2007, so this was long overdue. Some of the key changes are:

  • Redesigned banner area, with the title now linking to the home page (allowing me to delete the 'Welcome' tab. A Google+ button is now available, whilst I have deleted the the Print and Save buttons.
  • More white space at the top of the page, making it easier to distinguish between navigation elements and the main content column.
  • Removed some of the minor links to the Sitemap and Accessibility Information from the top of the page, and grouped these under a new About tab.
  • Book reviews were originally placed within the Essays section. These have now been separated and given their own Reviews tab. I have also added book cover images and links to each review.
The other major change, which is indicated by the fact that my real name now appears at the top of the website, is that I have decided to drop the pseudonym Ishmael that I have published under since I started this website in 2004. I will give the reasons for this in a separate post.

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