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Through exploring the psychopathology of Capgras syndrome, in which a patient mistakes a loved one for an imposter, The Echo Maker offers a sustained meditation on the ways in which we project our own problems onto other people. As a reflection on the mysteries of consciousness, the novel offers some interesting if not especially new insights into the fuzzy boundaries between scientific and literary interpretations of the mind. Read more

E-Petition Tony Blair

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Not that it will do the slightest good, if the Iraq war is anything to go by, but the government has just launched a new e-petitions service, whereby people can submit petitions to Tony Blair online. Organisations such as Amnesty International and Live 8 have been running these sorts of online systems for a couple of years, but going direct through Number 10 feels a little more satisfying (although I cannot imagine Tony Blair glued to his monitor, anxiously watching as the numbers of angry voters clock up before his soon-retiring eyes). Among others currently running are a petition to not replace the Trident nuclear deterrent and a petition to tax horrendously inefficient and antiquated incandescent light bulbs.

I have signed up to both of these; it has only taken two minutes, and it makes me feel a little more moral, even if its practical impact will be nil. However, I do worry that this new system will do away with those quaint local news clips, in which angry-young-mum or fed-up-of-Milton-Keynes trots up the steps of Number 10 and hands a wedge of paper to the bemused police officer, who passes it on to a hassled civil servant, to add to the pile on Blair's in-tray.

Update: At 12.07pm today, according to my Statcounter, this blog entry was tracked by someone at gateway-101.energis.gsi.gov.uk. Who is watching the watchers?!

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Posted by Alistair at 10:59 am


Blogger MM said...

... just found your blog while searching for comments on John Cottingham, and REALLY liked what you had to say... and am hoping to hear what you thought of his new book? - Hoping for a future post on what you "scribbled in the margins!" :) - Best.

1:49 pm  
Blogger Jody said...

The e-petition forces a response from Tony Blair regarding the new car tax proposal E-petition: Response from the Prime Minister

10:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Twice, the Shalom Family Campaign for Social Justice have filled in the online e-petition to the Prime Minister.(Google for it please, or type two words in the search bar 'houseboat eviction'!) Twice it has been rejected, because it was said to be be too difficult to understand! Twice our Family has trodden the steps of 10 Downing Street to hand in separate appeals about corporate bullying, and Government acquiescence/reward of same. We still wait patiently for decent people in government (surely there are some) to answer our polite, moral enquiries.

Maybe this blog can ask and add a few questions too, but who will ever be made to surrender the answers to sound moral enquiry?

Happy Christmas People!

The Shalom Family, battered by the immoral actions of Crest Nicholson and so far ignored by Central Government.

1:52 pm  

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